Electroplating is a process where a thin layer of metal is deposited onto a piece of metal’s surface. This is achieved by immersing the object and a metal source in an electrolyte solution and applying a direct current, creating a metal layer. The metal layer enhances appearance, improves durability, and provides specific functional properties. Widely used in industries like luxury, lighting, interior design etc. metal plating serves various purposes, from decorative finishes to enhancing corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Electroplating Service in Birmingham
Electroplating Service

Broadway Brass are proud market leaders in the Electroplating industry, having over 30 years experience, our service is incomparable. Our website's gallery page shows a fraction of our work. Furthermore, our story page showcases our journey into becoming one of the best electroplating company’s in the industry.

Furthermore, our large tanks have given us the opportunity to be able to take on bigger sized jobs (such as door frames, large light fittings, or any other large sized jobs) continuously producing finishes that are consistent and perfect.


Metals that can be Electroplated

Mild Steel . Stainless Steel . Aluminium . Die Cast . Brass . Copper . Titanium

Additional Services

We Take Care Of All That Needs To Be Done At Our Purpose Designed 20,000sqft Facility.


We use a number of specialised processes to remove old Plating, chrome, lacquers, powder coating, zinc, anodising, and paints depending on the type of metal. Once we carefully take away the layers of coatings and reach the bare material, its time to prepare the metal with our skilled metal preparation technicians before it can be plated..

Dismantle and reassemble

We are often tasked with dismantling fittings and reassembling them for our customers, in order to plate all fittings are carefully dismantled into individual components after which the old plating/coating is stripped away. The parts are prepared/polished and finally plated in the required finish, once plated the fitting is carefully reassembled and ready for return to the customer.

With over 100 custom finishes to choose from, your dream look can be brought to reality.

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