Rich Gold . Rose Gold . Almond Gold . Antique Gold . Black Gold . brushed Gold . Satin Gold . Large 3 metre Tanks .

Gold plating not only adds a look of luxury to a product but also creates an unmatched feeling of prestigiousness that cannot be recreated with any other finish. We provide a selection of 24k Gold plating finishes and our 3-meter Gold plating tanks are the largest in Europe which allows us to Gold plate on much larger fabrications and parts. For example, Gold plating a radiator or a door frame in Rose Gold 24k or Rich Gold 24k is not a problem for us here at Broadway Brass and we can provide all our gold finishes in Polished, Brushed, or Satin finish.











We can Gold Plate onto all types of materials including

. Mild Steel

. Stainless Steel

. Aluminium

. Die cast

. Brass

. Copper

. Titanium

. Pre-plated plastic

once a part is gold plated it does not require a lacquer to seal it as gold is pure and does not oxidise, unlike other plated finishes, however, we can always apply a top coat of lacquer for extra protection if requested by the customer.

With over 100 custom finishes to choose from, your dream look can be brought to reality.

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